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Managed Services

Canyon Tech's IFS™ Applications ERP Managed Services

Customers will always recognize when your company goes the extra mile to improve system performance and offer solutions that suit them as an individual.

This is what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Managed Services at Canyon Tech can help you with.

Who are we?

Canyon Tech is an internationally recognized provider of business consulting, technology services and outsourcing. We pride ourselves on having a diverse portfolio of collaborations that extend across many industries. This has allowed us to develop long lasting IFS partnerships with hundreds of companies world-wide.

What are ERP solutions?

ERP solutions are back-office platforms which organize service delivery, save on costs and delegate service management.

They can also help you with:

- Help desks

- Problem solving and resolution

- Customer Resolution Management (CRM)

- Web-portals

- Self –services (ESS and MSS)

- Business intelligence.

What do we do?

We help companies implement flexible and comprehensive systems through really understanding who their users are and what they need. We know this approach is universally valued and that it’s relevant to all industries.

Our platforms are designed for all of your service and business processes. As we already have a good knowledge of your company from providing IFS applications, your platform can be designed with efficiency and innovation and your service management isn’t compromised by dealing with a third party.

Our Managed Services

Application Functional Support: A specialist ERP partner will work closely with your company to assess and refine your platform requirements. Well versed with complex enterprises and environments, our experts will thoroughly evaluate your business processes and application functionality, and work to improve efficiency.

Technical Support: Our experts are constantly available should you require technical support. Familiar with every problem that could relate to ERP configurations (including financials, distribution, service management, manufacturing, IFS projects, IFS HR and IFS business intelligence), they can translate requirements to our IT maintenance team and save you the cost of hiring and training new personnel.

Application Database Administration and Support: Our state-of-the-art support model uses in-house developed software for tracking calls, cases and resolutions. We ensure you have the exact resources to maintain your service levels, and that our centralized system supports database tuning, schema, clones, refreshes and application support with lifecycle management.

Hosting Infrastructure: Canyon Tech ERP partners will already be familiar with your business solutions and will be able to scale and develop your operations as needed. We emphasize reliable and robust infrastructures with secure servers, networking, operating systems, storage and back-ups. As infrastructure can be shared across multiple agencies the costs are low.

Consulting Services: We offer complete transparency in our consulting services, delivering insights on a broad range of business processes with our functional and technical expertise. Having collaborated with hundreds of companies we’ve developed a proven methodology in consulting, remaining flexible and open-minded with your requirements.

Canyon Tech Trusted Support:No matter the hour or query, we ensure our dedicated global team can support your business. We remain authentic, customer focused and motivated to provide high service quality with no hidden costs or surprises.

Uses of our Managed Services

Software Support: Use our managed services to diagnose IFS related issues and allow us to provide structured and iterative support.

Regular performance tuning: Work with our database administrators to refine solutions and fix unresolved problems in your SQL or service performance. We act as a single point of accountability for your ERP solution, so if you aren’t satisfied with the product then neither are we.

Regular patch application: Update and upgrade your software and conduct regular user research to test patches applied by the database administrator.

Troubleshooting: You can reduce the chance of error and waste by assessing reliable data. However, should errors occur you can trouble shoot with our reliable search and produce ad hoc queries.

Interface Monitoring: Define the required steps for interface functioning and monitor operations against these steps.

Notifications: Ensure you are the first and last to know about your customer’s alerts and have a trusted protocol in place for responding to such notifications.

BI Cube: Use Canyon Tech to diagnose and fix issues in your data is stored and reported.

Data Corrections: Apply the same customizations to your IFS/ Oracle database to maintain consistency in your processes.

How to Get Started

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Canyon Tech

1661 N. Swan Rd,
Suite 100, Tucson, AZ 85712.
Ph.: +1 520.795.5428
Fax: +1 520.323.6793

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We don't stuff your business into a package, we configure and customize the package to fit your business needs. ERP solutions are complex and can handle most functions, but invariably there are gaps. That's what separates us from most others -- we can fill the gaps with seamlessly integrated custom programming solutions.