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In turbulent economic times, companies in all sectors are looking to cut costs, develop new revenue streams, and increase productivity. In light of increasing globalization and the requirement to remain competitive, there has never been a more critical time for the global enterprise to become increasingly agile in a competitive landscape, reduce time to market, create better products, and adhere to compliance requirements. This is particularly true in the engineering sector.

Canyon Tech can assist the Enterprise with years of engineering intelligence and software architecture experience, combined with solid, proven ERP system technologies. Irrespective of need, PDM through Manufacturing, or perhaps the task of project managing continued capital asset growth from CIP to fixed asset, Canyon Tech can help provide innovative solutions including interfacing companies critical third party systems such as AutoCAD and Document Management.

With recent experiences from the rare earth mining industry to GE’s technical instrument division, Canyon Tech's team is ready and available to assist your Engineering team with the necessary tools to increase your productivity, reducing your product’s market time and dollars.

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Fluid Software Solutions That Adapt to your Business Needs

We don't stuff your business into a package, we configure and customize the package to fit your business needs. ERP solutions are complex and can handle most functions, but invariably there are gaps. That's what separates us from most others -- we can fill the gaps with seamlessly integrated custom programming solutions.