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As the economic environment continues to fluctuate, many organizations are asking themselves what strategies they can pursue to bring tangible business benefits while taking stock of the economic conditions. In today’s fast paced global economy, the sales force is a vital part of every organization. Within many ERP environments and instances, the sales force is often overlooked and disconnected. CRM Software should be a salesperson’s best friend. It doesn't matter if you're small or big; good contact management software is a necessary tool for you to keep your pipeline organized and full of qualified leads.

With a variety of application choices, Canyon Tech can help seamlessly integrate feature-rich CRM packages within the ERP application allowing sales personnel to have an up to date 360 degree view of customer information. Combined with proven web technologies, CRM data can easily be used to fuel forecasts, budgets and a host of trend analysis including demand planning. Web views and portals can allow delivery of vital product information throughout the company to interested stakeholders.

Canyon Tech’s intelligent resource base can guide your company through the maze of CRM software choices, finding what works best for your discrete business process and sales personnel. Once chosen, Canyon Tech will help create the necessary synergy between CRM and the ERP solution creating an enhanced singular solution.

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Fluid Software Solutions That Adapt to your Business Needs

We don't stuff your business into a package, we configure and customize the package to fit your business needs. ERP solutions are complex and can handle most functions, but invariably there are gaps. That's what separates us from most others -- we can fill the gaps with seamlessly integrated custom programming solutions.